Train Radio System TRS2150 Analog / NXDN

The TRS2150 is a modern and compact Train Radio System that can be used either in analog or digital (NXDN) mode. During the design process, special attention was attributed to developing a very robust device, which is suitable for cargo railway conditions.

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The TRS2150 is a compact dual-mode system suitable for the frequency bands VHF and UHF. This system can be used within various radio network architectures. It is often the case that a planned technical migration from analog to digital requires a huge one-time investment. Here the TRS2150 (CleanCab Radio) specifically allows having the possibility for a smooth and budget-saving longer term migration plan. The infrastructure components can be swapped-out step by step until the full set of digital voice and data features is available. Hence, the system ensures a high level of investment protection for the future.

The train-radio application software is highly factory-customizable and controls the user access to analog, digital or dual-mode usage. The following versions of TRS2150 are available:

  • TRS2150-NX (NEXEDGE digital 6.25 kHz channel spacing & analog 12.5 kHz, available in VHF or UHF)
  • TRS2150-DM (MOTOTRBO digital 12.5 kHz channel spacing & analog 12.5 kHz, available in VHF or UHF)

The TRS2150 contains all components such as control unit, radio transceiver and CPU in one device. This allows for fast and direct communication between train driver and dispatcher by using the embedded loudspeaker and microphone. Beside the usual known railway-specific communication features it is also possible to connect the device to other sub-systems such as Intercom, Passenger Announcement or on-board computer systems.

The following basic features are provided:

  • Voice communication
  • Group calls
  • Emergency calls
  • Step by step implementation of digital radio features
  • Functional addressing (train running number based calls)
  • Passenger announcements, either train-driver originated or dispatcher originated
  • Transmission & reception of text messages
  • Interconnection of train data interfaces


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  • Step by step migration from analog to digital thanks to the dual-mode radio concept
  • GPS tracking for dispatch-GUI
  • Cost savings due to interface for Passenger Announcement and Intercom
  • SDS (Short Data Service)
  • High resolution color display
  • Configurable menu language (English/French/Spanish)
  • Menu driven key functions
  • Sensor for automatic brightness adjustment of display and keypad (day & night mode)
  • Data interface (ethernet)
  • Prioritized voice communication
  • Dynamic calling groups
  • Splash-proof keypad array
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