Dispatcher Console DISCO2207

The Dispatcher Console DISCO2207 is an all-purpose communication working station which enables the control center to communicate through different networks, such as analog radio networks, DMR, TETRA and fixed line telephony. The capacitive touch interface is very easy to work with and thus offers the ideal working environment.

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Interdisciplinary collaboration between different organizations has become an important paradigm, which constantly grows in importance. Diversity of communication paths further increase and become even more complex. On the one hand, this leads to advantages with regards to availability of participants or efficient exchange of information. On the other hand, users quickly loose overview of available communication paths and space becomes even more limited.

Dispatcher Console as solution to the problem
ErvoCom considered these aspects in the development of the Dispatcher Console. This device provides a simple way interdisciplinary communication and combines different communication appliances in one working station. One device for all communication tasks. A simple user operation lies at the center of this product. The self-developed dispatcher interface provides DISCO users with an effective tool for optimal communication towards the various task forces. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology further enables connection of different radio and telephony networks through LAN infrastructure (Ethernet).

The dispatcher DISCO2207 is designed for use in offices and consists of a standard touch panel computer, which is equipped with additional peripherals for communication.  The operation is based on a capacitive touch, which is well known in every commercial Smartphone. This enables a simple and smooth handling of the device.

The following peripherals can be used:

  • Docking station incl. panel holder and theft protection
  • Direct connection of Dispatcher to the iRBS over WiFi
  • Portable PTT button (Push-To-Talk button), with direct wireless connectetion over Bluetooth
  • Jabra Motion Wireless Headset, which can be easily connected to the docking station
  • Other wired or wireless headsets from Jabra (Jabra Pro 920, Jabra Engage 75, etc.)


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
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  • Intuitive user interface
  • Efficient communcation in control center thanks to integration of all essential communication technologies in one working station
  • Configurable user interface, which is in line with everyday needs
  • Multiple user profiles
  • History of incoming radio calls
  • Monitoring (listen in) function
  • High degree of expandability for new technologies
  • Various customer-specific peripherals
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