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As part of the Swiss Federal Railways  (SBB) retrofit project APFZ 2.0 in 2017, ErvoCom succeeded in winning two tenders for the audio amplifier and the human machine interface. Now, two years later, ErvoCom has succeeded once again winning the contract for 2’600 Passenger and Emergency Intercom Boxes. The device is used for communication between passengers and local police in cases of accidents or emergencies.

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Highest quality in line with best flexibility and power of innovation has led to the current status that train communication systems made by ErvoCom are almost everywhere to be found operational worldwide. Also in this year we already had great success in winning new projects. In Asia ErvoCom delivers Cab Radios for METRO Hanoi (Vietnam) and for new CAF-trains for the METRO in Manila (Philippines). In the USA the good partnership with Stadler Rail is continuing since we are furnishing the new double deck trains for CalTrain and SBCTA by the radio system TRS2090. The most recent order has arrived from Sweden, where ErvoCom is contracted by Stadler Rail to deliver 22 train radio systems for new public transport trains for the northern and eastern areas of greater Stockholm.

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The UFZ Entrepreneur Forum offers small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors around the lake of Zurich, various interesting events and networking opportunities.

Each year, the UFZ Entrepreneurship Forum awards the Entrepreneur Award to the most exceptional company in the region. The 2018 Entrepreneur Award went to the Vogt family, owners of the ErvoCom Group.  Operated by the founder Erich and his sons Fabian and Patrick Vogt, the group has enjoyed enduring success.

From the original text of the certificate:

"This year's award ceremony recognizes  the outstanding combination of technical expertise, innovation, customer orientation, quality and international project management.
The Hardware and Software Developer of Communication Systems for Rail Transport, as well as other specialized solutions (referee system, vehicle location, monitoring systems, radio dispatcher workstations for emergency services, etc.) is a respected industry partner on the world stage of modern radio systems.
For their outstanding achievements Erich, Fabian and Patrick Vogt deserve the public's thanks, which is hereby symbolically expressed through this entrepreneurial award".

Mini cochabamba

The Swiss-Spanish joint venture Joca-Molinari has been awarded to build the complete city tram-lines in Cochabamba, Bolivia. ErvoCom was chosen as the contractor for the whole communications network, passenger information systems and CCTV. The scope related to the infrastructure part comprises of planning, engineering, manufacture, commissioning and system launch of a TETRA based radio system for eleven base stations and a stationary passenger information system for every tram platform including CCTV.

For the rolling stock ErvoCom will deliver the new IP-based passenger information system with CCTV together with the train radio system TCH – Train Communication Hub. The TCH system allows the control of all rolling stock communications sub-systems via one single human machine interface, the DMI2177.

The operation and control center will be equipped with the ErvoCom Train Radio Dispatcher TRADIS. This system allows for easy and efficient call management from and to the tram-drivers, to the passenger announcement systems as well as from and to the passengers via the emergency terminals EMI2187.

For providing this big prestigious project ErvoCom is proud to collaborate with Swiss-Spanish joint venture Joca-Molinari, Stadler Minsk and BÄR Bahnsicherung.  

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At the beginning of 2018, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) launched a call for tenders to implement a new Security Communications network,  incorporating multiple locations into a new, modern radio system. With its extensive know-how in the field of radio communications and a compelling, as well as comprehensive proposal, ErvoCom successfully convinced ETH Zurich and was awarded the contract for this prestigious project. The project includes the development of TETRA based infrastructure including in-house location tracking, radio dispatcher workstations and several alarm transmission features. With the self-developed guardian radio system and the smart Communication Platform (radio dispatcher workstation), many core components have already been developed, which will be customized for this project.  ETH Zurich will thus receive a system tailored to its needs, which corresponds to the most modern technology standard and that can be expanded in a modular way.  A high degree of innovation, greater flexibility to quickly integrate customer requirements and greater quality awareness have led to ErvoCom being awarded the contract for the new Security Communications System.

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The extremely high customer satisfaction of Metro Santiago de Chile, as well as railway operator Marmaray, has led to additional follow-up projects in the railway market, in which ErvoCom will deliver the Train Radio System TRS2090 to its customers. In addition, ErvoCom has been awarded the contract for the new Stadler trains of Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana (FVG), which will be equipped with the TRS2090 (TETRA). As part of this contract, FGV will also receive a new dispatcher solution for communication between operation center (OCC) and the vehicles.

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As a part of the radio infrastructure renewal of the Metro de Palma, the existing train radio solution will be replaced by a communication solution from ErvoCom. In 14 of the Metro trains, the TRS2090 train radio system from ErvoCom will be installed. The rollout of the systems is to be completed in 2018 and includes 28 COCO2137 communication consoles as well as 14 central control units ZSE2130.

Mini kongress40

Never before has the list of participants been so large and prominent as at this year's World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. In order to ensure the security of the many heads of state as well as government representatives, reliable and efficient communication is of the highest importance.  For this reason, ErvoCom is particularly proud that the cantonal police of Graubünden relied on the dispatcher solution (SCOP2170 POLYCOM) from ErvoCom at this year's WEF. The user interface of the dispatcher console DISCO2157 was specially adapted to the daily needs of the users, so that intuitive operation could help to increase the effectiveness of the communication at the operations centre of the police forces. Fully meeting the highest demands in safety, availability and reliability.

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Following Stadler Rail’s successful bid for the Metro Glasgow contract to deliver 17 new subway trains, ErvoCom is pleased to have been chosen as the supplier for Tetra Cab Radios.  As part of the project, ErvoCom will deliver 17 IP65 Central Control Units along with 34 CoCo2137 Control Heads.  The final solution will bring a series of customer specific requirements to life, including connectivity to informational middleware and a dual-path connection to the PA over VoIP-SIP and UIC.  The system delivery will be undertake in step with Stadler Rail’s rollout of the new trains.

Mini azerbaijan

Alstom has won the tender for the new trains of the Azerbaijan Railways, which are used for the line Baku-Boyuk-Kesik. For the whole train communication, the French company decided to rely on the ErvoCom product solution. The new trains use a dual-mode train radio system, which can communicate via 2MHz analog or digital via DMR. The system has the capability to switch dynamically between the two communication technologies. The entire project consists of 50 trains with one central control unit ZSE2130 and two man-machine interface CoCo2167 per train.