Communication Console CoCo2167

The CoCo2167 is a price optimized Communications Console, which is based on the design of the CoCo2137. Through the integration of dependable components and functions, the CoCo2167 has proven to be an extremely reliable, modern and at the same time, an inexpensive Communications Console.

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With the CoCo2167, ErvoCom has brought a Communications Console to the market, which lets Train Operators and Metros, with even a modest budget, to enjoy professional level communications.  Throughout the design, the existing connectors and data transmission protocols of the CoCo2137, as well as much of the CoCo2137s existing modules were integrated into the new CoCo2167.  In order to optimize the price, the front panel is constructed out of a non-metallic material and replaces the more expensive IP65 protection with a more economical IP52. The HMI is without 3rd party certification refering to EN50155 and EN45545-2 even though the unit has been designed accordingly. And yet, the CoCo2167 still provides train drivers with optimal and reliable voice communication with Dispatch-Centers and Passengers.

Audio Accessories
From the train cabin, a variety of communications audio accessories can be connected with the CoCo2167.  Typically, the installation of a loud speaker and handset meets the needs of the broad majority of train cabins.  The CoCo2167 is therefore designed with this configuration in mind. The audio inputs and outputs, were optimized for the use of handsets, such that it ensures train drivers of flawless voice quality.


  • Electret Microphone
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Handset 0.5W
  • Cabin Loudspeaker 6W
  • Digital Inputs


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
ErvoCom International AG
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8835 Feusisberg
+41 (0)55 460 28 00


  • Aluminum Cover
  • 3.5-inch IPS Color Display
  • Compact housing for easy mounting
  • 3 Function keys + 1 Rotary encoder
  • Separate Emergency button
  • Ingress Protection IP52
  • Brightness sensor for night & day mode
  • Keypad Backlight
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