Communication Console CoCo2137

The CoCo2137 is a Communication Console, which was specifically developed for the rail industry. The highest of environmental and rail requirements were a key focus in the design, as well as exploiting the advantages of modularity, with the purpose of offering customers the highest level of flexibility.

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The CoCo2137 is a specialized Communications Console targeted at the daily work-flows of train and locomotive drivers.  Thanks to its modular system architecture unique customer requirements are quickly and easily integrated into the CoCo2137, thereby enabling customers to greatly simplifying the work process of train and locomotive drivers.  This customization has been used to provide customers with key requirements such as the implementation of regional languages on the display and the integration of Passenger Information Systems.

Following seemless day-to-day operation as a key industry requirement is the reliability and durability.  In keeping with these high demands, ErvoCom has adapted its design to match railway industry recognized standards, leading to the CoCo2137 being accredited with EN50155 and EN45545-2 (fire protection in trains ) certifications.  The testing process is carried out by independent third-party labs.  This is in addition to the CoCo2137 being encased in IP65 standard housing.  The net result is yet higher system reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

All of this means that the CoCo2137 conforms to the highest rail industry requirements while offering market leading flexibility and customization.

Audio Accessories
In addition to loud speakers, accessories such as handsets and goose neck microphones are all in widespread use in driver cabins.  As such, ErvoCom provides the CoCo2137 with all the necessary interfaces for these accessories.


  • Electret Microphone
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Dynamic pre-amplifier for the goose neck microphone (by software)
  • Handset loudspeaker 0.5W
  • Cabin loudspeaker 6W
  • Digital inputs


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