Emergency Intercom FGSS2197

The passenger and emergency intercom FGSS2197 is the communication interface between the passengers and the transport service provider. This intercom can be used to contact the locomotive driver, train attendant or operations center. The voice transmission is purely digital via VoIP-SIP, employing only leading transmission technology, while ensuring at the same time outstanding audio quality.

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Passenger and emergency intercoms are often used in delicate situations or emergencies where it is important to be able to rely completely on the technology deployed. As a leading company in the field of critical communication, ErvoCom has invested in the development of its own intercom.  One which stands out for its reliability and outstanding quality.

With its slim design, the FGSS2197 passenger and emergency intercom can be conveniently integrated into the train, even when space is limited. The face of the unit impresses with its simple and clear design, which emphasises important elements such as the button controls and at the same time discreetly integrates loudspeakers and microphones into the front. Functional aspects, such as protection against vandalism, are a part of the design philosophy.

Voice communication to the FGSS2197 is digital via the Ethernet port on the rear, which can also be used for powering the device (Power-Over-Ethernet). For the decoding of the audio data, the device supports leading industry standard audio codecs, configurable to meet customer requirements. By using state-of-the-art audio processors, feedback from the loudspeaker as well as ambient noise can be eliminated to deliver audio quality when it counts most. This allows the FGSS2197 to provide excellent speech intelligibility for both parties, even at high speeds with high ambient noise levels.

In addition to its use in voice communications, the microphone unit can also be used as a measuring ambient noise for neighbouring audio systems, allowing them to adapt their volume levels according to an everchanging, noisy environment. The microphone determines a sound pressure level, which is transmitted via an Ethernet interface to interconnected systems. These measured values can be used as a basis for dynamic volume control of the audio amplifiers.

To initialize a call, the passenger only has to press the button in the middle of the intercom. All call states are displayed intuitively by the call station, by means of acoustic signalling and visually via LED's, whereby no further instructions are required.

The FGSS2197 can be ordered as part of the ErvoCom PIS audio solution PAN or as a standalone system component for integration into your own software solution.


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  • Outstanding voice quality due to integrated echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Highest protection against vandalism, courtesy of pentration guards and anodised plate printing.
  • Digital voice communication via VoIP-SIP
  • Provides ambient noise measurement for other systems
  • Power supply via POE (Power-over-Ethernet) or external +36 VDC voltage
  • Digital input port for external inputs such as the emergency brake and additional remote button
  • Large push-button, extruded with braille to assist the visually impaired
  • Acoustic and visual call state feedback via LED bar, illuminated push-button ring and loudspeaker
  • EN 50155, EN 45545-2, TSI-PRM certification
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