Train Radio Unit LTE CCU2190 (MCX)

The compact train radio CCU2190 integrates the latest LTE radio standard (MCPTT Rel. 13), offering customers an innovative radio platform that provides all functional aspects for railway operations. The device is housed in an impressively compact casing whilst still delivering all important features including the use of up to two MMI's.

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In recent years, digitisation has also been strongly promoted in the railway sector leading to a rapid increase in the need for data transmission. Unfortunately, the currently widespread radio technologies offered limited options for data transmission.  This is why a new radio technology has to be introduced, which, in addition to the classic voice radio, also allows a higher data transmission. Thanks to the advancing standardisation, LTE (Long Term Evolution) has become the ideal radio technology, which covers both voice and data communication needs.

The CCU2190 train radio is a central control unit that provides the user with the voice communication required for railway operations via LTE. The device uses the latest 3GPP standards from "Mission Critical Push To Talk" (MCPTT Rel. 13), which allows individual, group and emergency calls to be made with different priorities. By using the latest standard, the CCU2190 is also a forerunner to FRMCS, which is molding MCPTT towards FRMCS conformity.

The device has been specially developed for the harsh conditions in the railway sector, with particular attention paid to a compact design that allows easy installation of the device even in the most space starved areas.

The system is operated via a standard COCO series MMI or alternatively via the DMI2177 (via LAN). In combination with an user interface, the CCU2190 has the standard functions that are also provided by the TRS2090.

They are among others:

  • Voice communication with transmission/reception of text messages
  • Data communication with internal train computer systems
  • Emergency call functions with additional prioritisation
  • Individual and group calls incl. prioritisation
  • Creating dynamic groups for special scenarios
  • Passenger announcements on the train made by the driver or by a remove operations centre
  • Train number related call (functional addressing)
  • Connection of the passenger information system via LAN (VoIP-SIP)


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  • Extremely compact housing allows flexible mounting scenarios
  • Two antenna connections for the use of diversity
  • Connection possibility for two MMI's
  • Group call prioritisation incl. separate emergency call
  • Sending and receiving of short messages
  • Option slot for second LTE module as redundancy
  • Integrated GPSmodule for tracking of the trains
  • Support of "Calls by train running number"
  • Connection of subsystems for the transmission of vehicle data
  • Audio announcements via VoIP-SIP or optional UIC-568 interface
  • Cab-to-cab direct calls for shunting
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