universal Communication Box uCOB2200

The uCOB2200 serves as a universal audio communication interface, which can be used as an attendant telephone or a driver's telephone in the driver's cab for communication with passengers. It can also be deployed as a VOIP-SIP to UIC communications gateway.

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Digitalization shows now sign of slowing in the rail market with ever more systems becoming digitalized.  Even so, there are still many analog interfaces, such as the UIC audio interface 558/568, in use which need to work with modern digital VoIP-SIP technology.

Additionally, there is the ever present need for a communication interface in driver cabs or the passenger areas, for making passenger announcements or simply to be used for voice communications between the driver and train personnel.

The uCOB2200 solves both problems with a single device. It serves as a universal communication interface in rail vehicles, connecting via LAN or UIC. When connected via the LAN interface, the device can be used as a UIC gateway, passing calls between UIC 1/2 and a VoIP devices in either direction. In addition, the device has a UIC 3/4 interface, which can be used for communication with the train radio. By using the digital inputs and outputs, predefined calls can be triggered over either the LAN or UIC interface. The uCOB2200 also supports various audio accessories, such as the connection of a handset or the use of a goose-neck microphone and two speaker outputs. Due to its modularity, communication can be purely digital (via VoIP-SIP) or analogue (via UIC) and a wide range of accessories such as handset or goose-neck microphone can be used.  The device is powered either by POE via the LAN connection or alternatively via the + 36 VDC power connection.

The universal Communication Box uCOB220 offers the following functions:

  • VoIP-SIP to UIC gateway for internal announcements to audio amplifier (UIC 1/2, 5/6, 7/8)
  • VoIP-SIP to UIC gateway for communication to the train driver (UIC 3/4, call L) 
  • VoIP-SIP to UIC gateway for communication to the operation center (UIC 3/4, call C)
  • Receiving UIC 1/2 announcements (as audio amplifier) and conversion to VoIP-SIP
  • Goose-neck microphone for voice communication and two speaker outputs
  • Audio input for music box
  • Separate connection for handset (incl. PTT and hook signal)
  • 8 digital inputs and outputs (with galvanic isolation) for controlling the device

In addition to the functional capabilities, the uCOB2200 is enormously robustness and compact, making it well suited for retrofit projects with limited space.

The uCOB2200 can be ordered as part of the ErvoCom PIS audio solution PAN or as a standalone system component for integration into your own software solution.


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  • Reliable audio gateway from Ethernet 100 Mbit (M12-D) to UIC 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 13
  • Compact train attendant & driver telephone with 2 loudspeaker outputs & separate connection for handset
  • Use of versatile audio equipment (goose-neck microphone, handset, music box input)
  • 8 electrically isolated digital inputs and outputs (8x input / 8x output)
  • Noise suppression and echo canceling enable excellent audio quality
  • Display of the operating status via three indicator LEDs
  • Power supply via both +36VDC and POE (class 3)
  • Conformity to EN 50155 and EN 45545-2
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