Analog & DMR Radio Systems

ErvoCom offers tailor-made system solutions for analog radio, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and TETRA. DMR is an international digital radio standard according ETSI TS 102 361-1...4 which facilitates the gradual transition from analog to digital radio communication.

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    Analog & DMR radio systems

Radio and voice communication is needed nowadays in different business environments. For example, in a zoo guards communicate with veterinarians or cleaners. Moreover, during large events security staff needs to ensure effective communication.

In most of aforementioned cases the degree of capacity utilization is rather low. Hence, it is not worth investing in a network with TETRA infrastructure. Nevertheless, in order to satisfy the need for a high-quality radio network, ErvoCom offers analog & digital radio systems, so-called Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) as part of one technology solution.

By using the DMR standard that was developed by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) analog radio systems can either be newly deployed or swopped out. At the same time this technology makes it possible to migrate to digital based on the utilization of the previously used frequency band (VHF and UHF). Whilst changing from analog to digital radio communication also a second independent communication channel is provided (2 timelot TDMA) per radio frequency. Furthermore new helpful digital fuctionalities are available such as short messaging (SDS), prioritized group calls and emergency functions, location tracking of terminals and much more.

We are glad to give you advise in choosing your ideal radio design and technology for your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in contact to us. We also provide radio coverage predictive analysis, drive test analysis as well as traffic calculations for your required network capacities.

Good reasons to go for a DMR-system:

  • Reasonable infrastructure costs
  • Already existing analog radio network that shall be migrated to digital in mid term
  • Low airtime communications requirements
  • Existing frequency lisences for the respective band


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
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+41 (0)55 460 28 00


  • Cost-efficient system components
  • Two voice channels at one frequency in digital operation mode
  • Gradual implementation of digital radio
  • Possible mixed usage of previous analog infrastructure for a migration time
  • Trunked radio using DMR Tier 3 (advantage over TETRA at VHF)
  • Transmission of short messages
  • Prioritized calls
  • Dispatcher working stations for control centers
  • Remote deactivating of radios in case of loss or theft
  • Point to point calls in digital mode (Private calls)
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