TETRA Radio Systems

The digital trunking radio standard TETRA (ETSI TS 100 392) is the ideal solution for customers who have the need for a bigger amount of communications at times with a high percentage of individual calls and more complex requirements regarding calling-, security- and data communication scenarios.

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"TETRA" is the abbreviation of "Terrestrial Trunked Radio". Since this technology works based on a timeslot approach it is possible to utilize one radio frequency channel at a grid of 25 kHz for 4 independent communication channels. At base stations equipped with one or more transceiver units the first timeslot of the first transceiver is defined as an organization channel to coordinate the calling scenarios of all other timeslot channels. This enables efficient and automatic channel ressource management that defines a trunking radio system. This allows provision of features for critical communications users at highest security standards.

Due to its technical possibilities TETRA is excellently usable for the deployment of bigger networks with a lot of subscribers at limited areas or even with growing numbers of network subscribers. TETRA networks are easily expandable. ErvoCom has existing application partner agreements with the leading TETRA equipment suppliers. This is advantageous for interconnecting own ErvoCom peripheral systems (e.g. ICSS or DISCO) to the TETRA switch in order to provide enhanced custom-tailored applications in a compact manner at the most possible system reliability. An example is the direct digital interconnection of the ErvoCom ICSS2150 soft switch and DISCO2157 dispatch work station infrastructure to a TETRA network.

We are glad to give you advise in choosing your ideal radio design and technology for your needs. Please do not hesitate to get in contact to us. We further provide radio coverage predictive analysis, drive test analysis as wel as traffic calculations for your required network capacities.


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  • High radio capacity with only one frequency
  • High degree of data security / encryption
  • Easily expandable radio infrastructure
  • Prioritized calls as well as emergency calls
  • Call interruption for calls with higher priority
  • Short Data Service (SDS)
  • Handover between radio cells
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