Safety Guardian System SGS2100

For locating, safety monitoring and escorting your security staff.

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    Safety Guardian System SGS2100

Assaults, theft and burglray are hard to avoid and in most cases only security staff can ensure effective protection. The security guard radio solution by ErvoCom allows for effective protection of safety staff and guards. At the same time, specific alarms are initiated in an time-efficient manner. Our SGS2100 software, constituting of the Warden Monitoring System (WMS) and Emergency Positioning System (EPS) software modules, figures as underlying basis of the solution.

Warden Monitoring System WMS
The software module 'Warden Monitoring System' (WMS) surveills and escorts security staff during inspection rounds inside as well as outside of buildings. Inside a building, active RFID transponders (e.g. RFID2147) automatically record positions of people. Outside, GPS receivers, which are built-in the radio, automatically switch on and record the position details. Current positions are constantly transmitted to the control center, where they are monitored. From the moment on when time or route parameters differ, the Warden Monitoring System automatically activates an alarm and displays the current position of the person on the plant layout. If a video system is available, an automated video stream of the position pops up on a second screen.

Emergency Positioning System EPS
Our "Emergency Positioning System" (EPS) software takes over the function of an emergency call system, responsible for communication during times of emergency. Depending on the specific programming, the control center is able to listen in a possible conversation by activating the microphone of the radio sending the emergency call over a certain period of time. Moreover, depending on the end devide programming, position alarms and move detection or manual triggering are possible. Prior to emergency call activation, the affected individual receives acoustic or vibrating alarms. This provides the person with the possibility to deactivate alarms already at an early stage.


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  • Controlled and coordinated surveillance of security staff
  • Fast reaction times during unexptected events
  • More optical and acoustic information support better decision-making
  • Precise localization of security staff inside buildings and outside with GPS positioning
  • Increased safety for guards and security staff
  • Autonomous recording of security staff by system without additional, human efforts
  • Manual and automated alarm triggering through position alarm or move detection
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