Corporate Culture

The most valuable asset for an engineering firm are the engaged individuals. We aim to grow together with our employees into a successful future. In addition to technical knowledge we nurture the entpreneurial spirit of our staff. By sensitizing our employees for our corporate values we develop an understanding for process optimization, cost-efficiency and the optimal investment of financial resources. These advantages benefit further end consumers. Our clients enjoy sophisticated products at a reasonable and economic price.

An additional important point is the satisfaction of our clients, and further of our staff. This leads to a high identification with our products and corporate values. By encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, the management team raises client orientation and personal responsibility amongst employees. Better communication, timely delivery and close collaboration with customers in all project phases are direct results from our corporate values.

ErvoCom is a typical example for an SME. Thanks to our long lasting experience and lean management structures, ErvoCom is able to cost-efficiently invest in the development of new products. Moreover, we constantly optimize the economic value of our service packages, which we offer our clients during the realization of their projects. Furthermore, it is important for us to fairly cooperate with our clients and suppliers. This results in long-term relationships with a strong foundation of trust.

ErvoCom clients benefit from an unique product portfolio, which is constantly enlarged with new and innovate system components. Thanks to our creativity and ideas we are able to provide our customers with matching solutions, in line with their specific budget. Thereby we create added value for both parties.

With the help of new innovations, we aim to reduce costs. This further affects the price of our products for end consumers. By following this strategy, we confront struggling financial markets and instable currency developments. We reach this target with even higher integration and packing density of complex and expensive system components. Moreover, we apply modern, digital signal processing as software defined communication.

ErvoCom is taking the role as a leading innovator. Due to the fact that most self-developed systems are niche products, ErvoCom is able to take over the role as market leader in these segments. This vision delivers growth to the organization as well as financial security to employees for a longer period of time.