ErvoCom AG was established in 2001 as an independent company, following the reorganization of the Communications Systems unit at ERVOTRONIC AG. The same business unit was given up at ERVOTRONIC AG in the same year.

ErvoCom AG operates in the areas of sales, development as well as various communications services such as project planning, commissioning and servicing. As part of the three business units 'Intelligent Transport', 'Emergency and Security' and 'Critical Communication', ErvoCom offers highly-innovative system solutions and products with an optimal ratio between price, performance and quality.


Today ErvoCom is a leading manufacturer of train communication systems and special solutions in the field of critical communication systems. As a system integrator we offer our clients innovate and complete solutions. We deliver hard- and software applications specific to client wishes. Cooperation with strong partners secures staffing resources and hence the future and continuity of important projects. This leads us to a steady and stable future growth.

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After several years of establishing itself in the train radio sector, ErvoCom successfully entered the market for passenger information systems in 2017. As part of the retrofit project APFZ2.0, various systems were put out to tender for a new passenger information system for Swiss Federal Railways SBB. ErvoCom participated in both tenders for new touch HMIs and public address systems and was able to win both tenders as a newcomer. Thanks to the highest level of customer satisfaction, further projects for equipping new Stadler trains and other SBB contracts, such as the passenger intercom stations, followed later.


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The positive development and reinvestment in new and innovative technologies are the main drivers responsible for awarding ErvoCom with the High Potential SME label by the Swiss Economic Forum. This not only generates new growth, but also made clear that our current premises at Mühlestrasse 23a are too tight. Despite a separate working space container and leasing of additional square meters in the neighboring building. Due to the favorable business development, ErvoCom decided to move out of the current building and relocated itself to Feusisberg. Thanks to this step, we ensure engough space for our growth in the following years.

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In 2014 ErvoCom gets to execute the two biggest projects in company history. With 'Metro Mexico City' and 'Metro de Santiago' ErvoCom plans two prestigious projects in Latin America and supplies the cities with Tetra train radio systems.

In addition, ErvoCom develops the new train radio system TSR2150 in order to tap new markets. Globally, this is the first train system based on the DMR radio technology.

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Following the first successful projects with our self-developed train radio system, ErvoCom decided to expand the existing train systems product range. In order to achieve this, we revised parts of our concept and redeveloped certain system components. Based on these modifications, the system can be modularly extended and new radio technologies can be integrated into the existing system at a low price.

The existing actuator CoCo2087 was replaced with the newly developed CoCo2137. Thereby, we were able to further reduce costs of the complete system for our customers.

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In 2011, ErvoCom reaches the next milestone in corporate history with the development of our Train Radio System. With this latest innovation we do not only equip well-known railway operators in Switzerland, but also enter new, international railway markets. Global projects such as METRO Bursa and Marmaray Istanbul enabled us to constantly developed our Train Radio System further. Today, our our product portfolio covers whole train communication systems.

In 2007, ErvoCom receives a mandate from HFWK and SBB to be the main servicing support provider for the GSM-R systems. In the same year, ErvoCom signs a general agency agreement with BEA in Turin. BEA is a leading manufacturer of surveillance systems for monitoring tasks in the police and security domain.

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2004 is the year when ErvoCom takes charge of the representation for Hörmann Funkwerk Kölleda (HFWK) in the Swiss market. With this step ErvoCom enters the era of digital radio systems, Tetra, Terapol and GSM-R. HFWK received the mandate to equip the GSM-R CabRadio of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB).

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Right after the establishment of ErvoCom AG, the company revises the existing referee paging system. The in-house fabricated injection mold, together with the newly developed sender and receiver electronics eventually result in the latest RPS2016/2026.

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The positive development in the forthcoming years leads to the establishment of ErvoCom AG, as an independent company. At the same time the company moves into the new premises at Mühlestrasse 23a in Wangen, Switzerland.

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In 1996, Ervotronic Communications System becomes on of the fourteen 'Added Value Resellers' of Bosch Ascom Radiocom in Switzerland. With such a strong partner the Communications Systems business unit is able to realign operations towards a system integrator with own project engineering.