Fire department Schübelbach

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ErvoCom has equipped the fire department Schübelbach with their newest modernized radio communications workstations. The complete system consists of the Intelligent Radio Base Station (IRBS), the Intelligent Communication Soft Switch (ICSS) as well as the modern Dispatcher Console (DISCO2157). The system enables users, via the Dispatcher Console, to communicate using multiple radio technologies (Analog, DMR, Polycom) as well as fixed and mobile telephones. 

ErvoCom is also the first company in Switzerland to integrate Polycom into a Dispatcher Console, eliminating the need for a separate Polycom dispatcher device.

Additional functions
  • Integration of Polycom
  • Integration of telephone (VOIP SIP)
  • Customized GUI for fire departments
Technology Analog / DMR / Polycom / Telephone


Fire department Schübelbach - Radio dispatcher solution SCOP2170
Fire department Schübelbach
Project realization