smart Communication Plattform sCOP2170

The smart Communication Platform sCOP2170 is a modern communications system that is able to interconnect various professional radio- (Analog, DMR, Tetra & Polycom) and Telephone networks (PSTN- & Mobile Communications Networks). In this way the user can use a console to communicate from one GUI into different networks. The GUI is designed to provide an easy and intuitive user experience.

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    SCOP2170 with integrated IRSB2152

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    Integrated Emergency Power Supply

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Whether analog radio technology is used or digital, VoIP or common analog and ISDN tepephone infrastructure; there are many kinds of different communications technologies worldwide. However, most of the time there is no easy way to interconnect different network technologies. ErvoCom has overcome this drawback by developing sCOP2170.

This modern communications platform allows the interconnection of subscribers, on-site workers and disaster relief forces of various organizations.

Functionality of sCOP2170

The sCOP acts as a polyvalent bridge between the different telephone services, older radio systems and new modern digital radio technologies. For example it is possible to connect a call coming from a terminal of a DMR network to a terminal of a TETRA network. The switching of such a call is provided by the intelligent Communication Soft Switch iCSS, which is responsible for the switching of VoIP-SIP calls. Since traditional communications standards such as Analog, TETRA and Polycom are not based on VoIP-SIP, the digitalization will be provided by gateways.

The intelligent Radio Base Station iRBS is responsible for providing the VoP-SIP stream coming and going from/to the radio environments. Since every specific radio technology has its own standard and special functionalities and protocols, also the iRBS is provided in different versions for that. Those versions of iRBS are expandable and compatible to each other. The entire control of the sCOP2170 functionalities is provided via the dispatcher console DISCO2157, which provides an intuitive GUI over all systems. This allows the user to cope for all connected technologies with just one GUI only.

Basic configuration of sCOP2170

  • 1 x ABU- Server with SW module iCSS2100
  • 1 x VoIP-SIP Gateway iRBS2152 (Analog, DMR) or iRBS2162 (Polycom)
  • 1 x Emergency Power Supply UPS


We are glad to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us:
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  • Well organized user interface for all communications technologies
  • Redundancy feature via mobile communications network (LTE) and uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Scalable system, that allows gradual system extensions
  • Protection of investment thanks to flexible extension possibilities for future technologies
  • Reduced training needs
  • Wide-area interconnections using many sCOP2170
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