Zurich protection and rescue (SRZ)

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For major events, SRZ has several control center vehicles, which can be shifted directly to the site of damage. The vehicles are used as a mobile communication center with multiple integrated mobile radios. As a suitable man-machine-interface the Dispatcher DISCO2157 was chosen. With its customer-specific user interface the DISCO2157 offers a very smart and simple way to control all the wireless communications.

ErvoCom elaborated together with Zurich protection and rescue the entire radio solution and adapted each product to the customers needs.

Additional functions

Speaker switching via customer-specific user interface

connection to the existing telephone system including phone book

Parrallel operation of tetrapol mobile radio over standard control head

Technology Analog radio, Tetrapol, VoIP-SIP phone, LTE


Zurich protection and rescue (SRZ) - Mobile communication center
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