Security guard radio system

Our security guard radio system enables you to quickly and precisely locate staff inside a building. This complete solution perfectly meets the increased need for immediate alerting and greater safety, demanded by security firms. Hence, organizations are able to rapidly and efficiently react in case of an emergency.

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Assaults, theft and burglary are difficult to predict and hard to avoid. In most cases, only trained security guards can effectively reduce the risk of such incidents. Thieves apply more radical and ruthless methods, which requires a general improvement of saftey precautions.

With the assistance of ErvoCom's security guard radio system, security staff and guards can be protected more effectively and alarms received much sooner.

Operating mode
RFID's placed inside the building track patroling staff and send the positioning details to the control center. For unique areas or situations it is possible to place as many RFID's as needed in one or more rooms. By placing multiple RFID beacons in various locations inside a building, the precise location of staff can tracked, even over multiple floors.

In case of an attack, security staff can directly utlize an emergency key, which initiates a call to the control center. If a security guard is rendered unconcious on the floor and is unable to press the emergency key, an in-built intelligence automatically triggers an alarm for the fallen guard.

Alarms that reach the control center can be managed in different ways and various measures are available in order to react in case of an emergency situation. ErvoCom offers client-specific TETRA, Tetrapol (Polycom) as well as DMR solutions and successfully delivered numerous projects in this business domain.


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  • Surveillance of security staff
  • Quick response time in case of unexpected events
  • Decision-making support thanks to additional information
  • Precise positioning of security staff inside a building
  • Increased safety for security guards and staff
  • Autonomous recording of security staff - no additional time and effort needed
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